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Thursday, April 20, 2006

April 24—Commemorative Evening for JoAnn Purdy

Rain Ananael and David Purdy

Due to the unexpected passing of JoAnn Purdy, David Purdy's wife, the April 24th reading at the Sacramento Poetry Center that was to feature Rain Ananael and David Purdy will be held as a commemorative evening dedicated to the spirit of JoAnn Purdy. Anyone who knew JoAnn or knows David (who will not be in attendance) and would like to contribute to the evening's reading is welcome to come. Because of the special nature of this evening, the open mic will be postponed until the following week.


Kjoe said...

Not very often in life does one find their soulmate. A lot of people search all their lifes and find only ships passing in the night. Some simply give up their quest.
David met Joann and won her heart. They lived and loved together from one coast to the other. Through many peeks and valleys they stayed together. One beautiful daughter to call their own. David and Joann were to celebrate their 25th Wedding Anniversary in a few short weeks. The Proud Parents were also about to watch their daughter graduate from Berkley.
Joann will be deeply missed in the soul.

David said...

Dear Friends,

So near, I cannot write yet, but for this

In a Time Such as This
For me
There is only this
but about Love
even when I believe
My Love gone.
(You show me)
I cannot apprehend Love

"Dead seemed the dead, the living seemed alive;
Better than I saw not who saw the truth,
All that I trod upon while bowed I went."

Alongside my family's, your concern and care allow me the desire to live to show you my appreciation.