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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

NOV 16 | Proust as Prompt | Weekend Writing Intensive

Weekend goal: To bring participants into the literary world (Proust’s world) of time, symbol, dream, memory and personal myth -- an author-guided tour to your own best and most authentic writing.

Lawrence Spann will facilitate a weekend writing intensive sponsored by the UC Davis Cancer Center’s Outreach Research and Education Program as part of its “Writing as Healing” project, Friday November 16 evening through Sunday November 18, 2007 in the Facilities Support Services Building, 4800 2nd Ave, on the UC Davis Health System campus in Sacramento.

Dr. Spann founded the Literature, Arts and Medicine Program in Sacramento. Group members write to a prompt, but are not limited to it, and read what they write to the group on a voluntary basis.

All writing is treated as fiction and is confidential. All comments are positive and uplifting. Dr. Spann writes and reads with the group and comments from a literary perspective. Literary figures will be integrated throughout the weekend with handouts and explanations.

Register by calling or sending an email to
Patti Robinson, 916-734-0823 or
For more information, call Patti (916-734-
0823) or Marlene von Friederichs-Fitzwater,
Ph.D., Director, Outreach Research &
Education Program, UC Davis Cancer
Center (916-734-8810)

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