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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Literary Events Calendar for Sacramento May 2008

FRI, 5/2 - The Other Voice, the U.U. Church of Davis;
readers from THE YOLO CROW, a literary journal
celebrates the writings of people of Yolo Cty. Chris
Campbell, Peter Goblen, Susan Wolbarst, Ronald Lane,
Sherman Stein. 7:30 pm, church library, 27074 Patwin
Rd.Refreshments/OpenMic. allegras@dcn.org

FRI, 5/2 - 7:30 p.m. – W. Wantling Is Dead; Kevin
Jones, Gene Bloom, Richard Lopez, Richard Hansen
and more. Book Collector. 1008 24th St., btwn J & K Sts.

SAT, 5/3. 7 p.m. Sac City College lit mag
(Susurrus) reading on the Sac City College campus-
room A6 of the auditorium building.

SAT, 5/3 and 1st Sat of every month:
Workshop/potluck, 11 a.m., 1720 15th Street, La Raza
Galeria Posada. Los Escritores del Nuevo Sol (Writers
of the New Sun) Members write in Spanish, English
and/or both. JoAnn @ joannpen@comcast.net.

SAT, 5/3 and 1st Sat of every month: Meetings for The
Aertherials Club for Artists and The Artist's Way, 2-4pm
@ Barnes and Noble, Stockton. Donald Anderson

TUE, 5/6 7:30 pm and Every Tues: SPC Poets’
Workshop, @ Hart Cntr, 27th/J Sts. Danyen @ 530-756-

TUE, 5/6 3rd Eye Collective, Life Sentence, Every
Tues, 7-10pm, open mic/slam sign-ups at 6:30pm 2904
Franklin Blvd, SAC $30 slam competition live-webCAST
www.artisticinsomnia.com ailive@tmail.com

May 8, Gary Snyder’s birthday

MON, 5/12: 7:30 pm - Rebecca Foust & Elizabeth
Krause read @ SPC, 25th/ R. St. Free. 916-979-9706.

TUE, 5/12 7:30 pm and Every Tues nite: SPC Poets’
Workshop, @ Hart Cntr, 27th/J Sts. Danyen @ 530-756-

FRI, 5/18:2-4 p.m. - Poetry reading by winners of the
Museum's 2007 Automotive Poetry Contest. Doors
open 2pm. Presentation at 2:30pm. $5 for SADS & CVF
members, $7 for non-members. Also Art Deco authors.
Educ Cntr, Towe Auto Museum, 2200 Front St.
Sac, CA 95818 (916) 442-6802

WED, 5/14: 7:30 p.m. Rattlesnake Press presents a
littlesnake broadside by STEPHANI SCHAEFER, a new
chapbook from QUINTON DUVAL and Volume 3 of
CONVERSATIONS, B.L. Kennedy’s Rattlesnake
Interview Series. The Book Collector, 1008 24th Street,
btwn J & K Streets, 916-442-9295, richard@poems-for-
all.com http://www.sacfreepress.com/poems/

WED, 5/14: 7 pm Sac Poets Against War reading and
Sac Area Peace Action open house. 909 12th Street,
Sac, 916-448-7157 free sacpeace@dcn.org

TH, 5/15. 8-10 pm - UC Davis Grad Student Reading
Series, 126 Voorhies Hall, Univ of Cal Davis Campus.

TH, 5/15, 8pm Beth Lisick and Kayden Kross plus open
mike. Luna's, 1414 16th Street. Free.
http://www.lunascafe.com, 916-441-3931
host frank andrick – every thurs nite readings at lunas

SUN, 5/18 3rd Sun of every month: Writing Group
meets, 1-3 pm in Sac. Nancy,
nancy_walker@dot.ca.gov for location.

MON, 5/19, 7:30 pm QR Hand and Bill Vartnaw from
Taurean Horn Press @ SPC, 25th/R Sts Free. 916-979-

TH, 5/22 8pm @ Lunas Cafe, 1414 16TH St. feature:
Sandy Thomas, Terryl Wheat

MON, 5/26 7:30 p.m. - Chad Sweeney & Josh
McKinney @ SPC, 25th/R. Sts Free. 916-979-9706.

TUE, 5/27 Frank Bidart reads at UC Davis, Campus.
Time/location TBA. http://english.ucdavis.edu.

5/31 Al Young and Walt Whitman - birthdays.

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