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Saturday, April 10, 2010

April 19 - SPC Monday Night Poetry

Hot Poetry in the Park Poetry Series
Monday night, April 19th | 7pm
Fremont Park, corner of 16th and Q Streets, Sacramento.
Host: Rebecca Morrison

Note: This event is at Fremont Park (not McKinley Park). In case of rain, meet at SPC HQ: 1719 25th Street

The McKinley Park Poets
Bill Davis, Connee Davis, Andy Anderson, Mary Antoine, and Rebecca Morrison

The McKinley Park Poets, several of whom worked for the Peace Corps in Chile, will hold a benefit reading for Chile. Donations requested. Guests are invited to bring a picnic to enjoy while listening to the poets. http://fremontpark.net/2010/03/hot-poetry-in-the-park-coming-soon/ This will be INSTEAD OF the regular Monday night reading at the Poetry Center. In case of rain, the reading will move to the Sacramento Poetry Center at 25th and R. For an up-to-date list of local poetry events, please visit http://www.eskimopie.net/calendar.htm.

McKinley Park Poets:

Bill Davis: Born up a Kentucky holler, international justice systems reformer: Kosovo, Palestine (not going so well), Argentina, Georgia (a little trouble with the Russians), ex-Peace Corps Chile

Connee Davis: Quiet seer/poet of details missed by most, retired speech therapist, world traveler, also of Chile Peace Corps fame

Andy Anderson: Thousands of irreverent poems, a few should pass mustard, life devoted to Indian health care, Europe-phile, loves the bike trail, Peace Corps Chile, bad dresser

Mary Antoine: Used to drive race cars, now racing attorney/RN specialist in health law, real redhead raising a real teenager

Rebecca Morrison: Hold on to your seats and your clothes, a poet extraordinaire inspired by hot love, cool nature and European romantic meals

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