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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Kudos From Medusa!

Hey guys—here's what the gnarly, usually-cranky Medusa of Rattlesnake Press had to say this morning in Medusa's Kitchen: A big thank-you goes to Rhony Bhopla, Bob Stanley and the rest of the Sacramento Poetry Center Board for resurrecting Poetry Now, the monthly poetry journal which is the lifeblood of our local communication network. They have put together an abbreviated version (with a complete calendar) in time for June; you should be receiving it soon. In it, you will note that the Annual General Meeting of the SPC Board will be happening on Monday, June 12 at HQ (25th & R Sts., Sac.) from 5:45-7:45 pm; please plan to attend this important meeting in order to elect our new Board and to provide much-needed feedback about the year ahead. Ya know, flakes like Medusa come and go in our community, but SPC is a constant presence that can be as active (or senile!) as WE, the NorCal poetry community, make it. The Board is all-volunteer and they (or whoever the new Board members may be) need every bit of moral support and physical help we can give them. Be there!

In other news from Her Krankiness With the Wiggly Hair: Both of the Rattlesnake Press kid-journals (the brand-new edition of Snakelets, poetry from ages 0-12, and the two latest issues of VYPER, by 13-19-year-olds) are available for free at The Book Collector, 1008 24th St., Sac. The next (also free) issue of Rattlesnake Review, featuring gazoodles of local poets and articles, will be released July 14 at the release/reading of B.L. Kennedy's latest chapbook, The Setich Manor Poems, at The Book Collector, 7:30 pm. Also released that night will be littlesnake broadside #25, A Conversation With B.L. Kennedy by Gene Avery. And don't forget to wander into Medusa's Kitchen (medusaskitchen.blogspot.com) every so often for NorCal events and poetry and general tomfoolery—today's the last day of our Cat-A-Thon, for example. Free books!
Check it out!

If this letter hasn't sufficiently annoyed you yet, one more thing: if you would like to be on Snakebytes, the monthly e-newsletter of what's going on with The Snake,
e-mail me: kathykieth@hotmail.com.

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