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Friday, May 12, 2006

Thanxxx from the Snake!

I don't know who wrote the cool review of our latest Snakery (see Thursday's blogpost below), but thanxxx on behalf of me and of our intrepid rattle-poets who gave their all last Wednesday night. It was a hot hot hot night of poetry, and I hope you were there. If not, there's always next month: June 14 (Flag Day) will feature the release of The Setich Manor Poems by B.L. Kennedy, Wildman Extraordinaire and Reviewer-in-Residence for the Snake. (Speaking of which—deadline to get your poems to me at kathykieth@hotmail.com is THIS COMING MONDAY!) Also to be released at the June 14 Rattle-read: A Conversation with B.L. Kennedy by Gene Avery (littlesnake broadside #25), in which B.L. continues his re-counting of "the good ol' days" of Sacramento poetry.

Small carp though: your review says VYPER!—our journal of poetry from kids 13-19—costs $5. T'ain't so—like all Snake periodicals, VYPER! (with a Y) is FREE. The only Snake publications that cost anything are the rattle/spiralchaps—and that's so's to make the poets rich. VYPER! should be in The Book Collector by tomorrow or Monday; pick up one of the TWO new issues (#3 and #4) which came out of hibernation last Wednesday night.

And don't forget to check Medusa's Kitchen (medusaskitchen.blogspot.com—see "Kathy Kieth" link to the right of this) for an on-going compendium of all the HOT poetry happenings in our NorCal region, plus muy poetry. Today's Medusa poetry is from James Lee Jobe and Rhony Bhopla, who are reading tonight in Davis for The Other Voice. Send poems to Medusa, too (same hotmail address). The snakes of Medusa need their constant feeding...


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Atasi Jaan said...

KK-- Correction will be made on price. Thanks! Free? Awesome!!