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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

September Literary Events

September/October Literary Events for Sacramento

1 Saturday
All are invited to Escritores del Nuevo Sol’s writing workshop and potluck. 11am. at La Raza Galeria Posada, 1024 22nd Street, Sacramento. For info call Graciela Ramirez, 456-5323 or joannpen@comcast.net .

3 Monday
No reading at HQ for the Arts

4 Tuesday
SPC Poetry Workshop, 7:30pm, Hart Senior Center, 27th & J. Bring 15 - 20 copies of your one-page poem. Info: Danyen, (530) 756-6228

5 Wednesday
Luna’s Café presents a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the publication of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road.
B.L. Kennedy will host an evening of readings from Kerouac by Matt Amott, Todd Cirillo, Josh Fernandez, Patrick Grizzell, Robert Grossklaus, Megan, Jackie Schaffer, D.R. Wagner and Terryl Wheat. Doors open at 7pm – Reading from 7:30 to 11:00

6 Thursdya – Poetry Unplugged features TBA at Luna’s Café. Hosted by Mario Ellis Hill. Festivities begin at 8pm and there will be an open mic as well.

10 Monday
General meeting SPC Board of Directors meets at HQ for the Arts - 1719 25th Street – 5:45pm. All members or interested parties are invited to attend.

Sacramento Poetry Center presents Laverne Frith reading from his work
at HQ for the Arts - 1719 25th Street.

11 Tuesday
SPC Poetry Workshop, 7:30pm, Hart Senior Center, 27th & J. Bring 15 - 20 copies of your one-page poem. Info: Danyen, (530) 756-6228

12 Wednesday
Rattlesnake Press will present Sacramento Poet SUSAN KELLY-DEWITT at The Book Collector, 1008 24th St., Sacramento, on Wednesday, September 12 from 7:30-9 PM to celebrate the release of her new chapbook, Cassiopeia Above the Banyan Tree. Also released that night will be a littlesnake broadside from Sacramento Poet DAWN DIBARTOLO (“Blush”), plus #4 in the new Rattlesnake Interview Series by B.L. KENNEDY, this one featuring FRANK ANDRICK, and a brand-new issue of Rattlesnake Review (#15)! Refreshments and a read-around will follow; bring your own poems or somebody else's. More info:

Dr. Andy’s Poetry and Technology Hour, host Andy Jones, 5pm, KDVS-90.3 FM or subscribe to podcast at www.kdvs.org.

13 Thursday
Luna’s Poetry Unplugged features TBA. Open mic before/after. Hosted by Geoffrey Neill. 8pm at Luna’s Café, 1414 16th Street. Info: 441-3931 or www.lunascafe.com. Free.

14 Friday
Annual all-Spanish poetry reading, featuring the work of the controversial Spanish poet Rafael Alberti, and the students of the Sac State Foreign Languages Dept. Emcee is Dr. Fausto Avendaño, Contributing to the evening will be Graciela Ramirez, Jim Michael, and musician/composer Alfredo González.
Open mic to follow. 7:30 pm. Cost: $5 or as you can afford.

15 Saturday
Underground Poetry Series plus open mic.
7-9pm, $3.00. Underground Books, 2814 35th Street (35th and Broadway).Hosted by La-Rue’

17 Monday
Sacramento Poetry Center presents hosted by Rebecca Morrison
at HQ for the Arts - 1719 25th Street.

18 Tuesday
SPC Poetry Workshop, 7:30pm, Hart Senior Center, 27th & J. Bring 15 - 20 copies of your one-page poem. Info: Danyen, (530) 756-6228

Bistro 33 Poetry Series. 8:30 pm Open Mic after. Bistro 33 in Historic Davis City Hall, 226 “F” Street, 3rd and “F” Streets in Davis.

19 Wednesday
Moore time for Poetry: Terry Moore’s Access Television Show, 9pm, co-host Tyra Moore. Access Sacramento, Channel 17

20 Thursday
Poetry Unplugged at Luna’s Café. 8pm. hosted by Frank Andrick. Free.

22 Saturday
9 Muses plus One – An evening of Poetry, Story, Prose, Drama, Film, Celebration and the Impossible – featuring 9 women – Michelle Tea, Beth Lisick, Tara Jepsen, Barbara Noble, Rachel Leibrock, Rachel Gregg, Rachel Savage, Terryll Wheat, and Tessa - plus Gilberto Rodriguez.
Hosted by Frank Andrick at Luna’s Café. $10 at the door. Funded by a grant from Poets and Writers.

24 Monday
Sacramento Poetry Center presents Jeff Knorr and David Alpaugh. Tim Kahl hosts.
at HQ for the Arts - 1719 25th Street.

25 Tuesday
SPC Poetry Workshop, 7:30pm, Hart Senior Center, 27th & J. Bring 15 - 20 copies of your one-page poem. Info: Danyen, (530) 756-6228

26 Wednesday
Dr. Andy’s Poetry and Technology Hour, 5pm, KDVS-90.3 FM or www.kdvs.org.

27 Thursday
Poetry Unplugged at Luna’s.

29 Saturday
“The Show” Poetry Series. 9 pm at Wo'se Community Center (Off 35th and Broadway), 2863 35th Street, Sac; $5.00. Info: T.Mo at (916) 455-POET.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We are newcomers to SacTown, so imagine our excitement when we see that our homie Michelle Tea will be performing at Lunas.

The beginning poets were rough, but wonderful in potential and vibrancy!

Sadly, the night of 9 muses was polluted by the amazingly bad poetry of Gilberto Rodriguez, the reading of poetry by Frank A., and some loser dude who loves horse racing and his cock!

Imagine, if you will, the attention whore Gilberto dressed in drag, performing in falsetto -- retelling a story of seducing (raping?) lil' bo peep. It is akin to an open mic show by African American poets with Gilberto putting on black face and rhyming about lynching.

Please! The men didn't belong. Ruined the evening. Destroyed some of my faith that SacTown can rise up if this is local talent.

I came to see Tea and had to leave during Gilberto, so overcome with strong dislike as I was.

I actually love some men. But they are the ones who don't have to take the spotlight from women and bore a passive audience.